General Public SOLA Market RSVP

We welcome you to join SOLA Market NYC + FROM THE ROOT! Powered by SOLA Market in partnership with Activation Residency, we introduce FROM THE ROOT this October 21st! Start the day with SOLA Market from 12p-5p for SOLA Market NYC at NYRP’s Decatur Community Garden (1052 Decatur St.), a close out to our Honeysuckle Summer 2023, a multi-city activation of SOLA Market including our flagship in-person market, sustainable art workshops, and community art programming!

What makes SOLA Market unique from art markets here in NYC and each city we stop at? SOLA Market is a different marketplace experience that supports art creation by creating a system catering to and emphasizing buy, sell, and trade art supplies, gear, equipment, materials, and the opportunity to sell finished art.